WELCOME to our National Website
We are the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club, we intentionally mis-spell “Disciples” to distance ourselves from religious attachments and to set us apart from all the others that use variations of our name spelled correctly. We are an outlaw type club being that we do what we want with who we want and do not follow typical AMA (American Motorcycle Association) Guidelines. We are also a family that includes our wives and children as well as other “blood relatives” within our scope of operation but exclude them from actually being members     with the rights membership entitles. We also generally stay to ourselves and focus on our own parties and events rather than making a regular showing in public. We are not a criminal organization; our members are required to have jobs, Harley Davidsons and are free of drug or alcohol addictions. We attempt to be the catylist that not only enhances our members lives through brotherhood and riding motorcycles; but to also work together to better the club and our induvidual lives.
WE RIDE our motorcycles and are constantly traveling Coast to Coast 24/7
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Trademark in process the Devils Diciples motorcycle club 2014 Detroit Mike; DDMC NOMAD Made with XARA